The Vet Hunters Project

The Vet Hunters Project

Our History

Vet Hunters is a grass roots movement that was started by one soldier who vowed to honor his fallen comrades by serving them and leaving no veteran behind. Search and rescue missions in the streets of America were initiated and ‘vet hunting” was born. During V.H.P’s first year, hundreds of veterans were assisted all over the United States. The development of effective outreach and what we call “vetworking” will continue to increase in intensity until the homeless epidemic is diminished and ultimately ended. The words "homeless" and "veteran" should never go together.


What We Do

When you think of vet hunters, think of us as being like “e-harmony” of homelessness. We connect homeless veterans to resources by bringing them to where they live! Our office is the streets and anywhere a homeless veteran may call home. We take the word "homeless" away from "veteran" through action. If the veteran lives under a bridge, you will find us there doing everything possible to bring our homeless heroes home! We are not government funded allowing us to meet the needs of veterans quickly. No red tape is how we operate!


Our Services Include:

  • Daily search and rescue missions
  • Establishing maps and counts of homeless veterans and their villages
  • Delivering resources and knowledge to homeless veterans consistently in their villages
  • Continued "vetworking" within the entire community of veteran service organizations, homeless coalition partners, law enforcement, school staff, and military leaders
  • Providing housing, resources and anything to help set up our homeless veterans in V.H.P. established homes


Our Values

Our values establish "CREDIT" with our veterans in the community.

(C)ommitment to the veteran & community

(R)espect towards veterans/families

(E)xcellence in delivery of programs

(D)ignity towards others

(I)ntergrity in operations



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