Men As Peacemakers

Men As Peacemakers

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To engage individuals and communities in innovative strategies that promote equality, repair harm, and prevent violence against women and children.


Men As Peacemakers is an organization that aims to end violence against women and children. Specifically, MAP focuses on preventing sexual assault, dating violence, and domestic violence perpetrated against women, girls, and boys.  MAP engages men, with women, in preventing and repairing the harm predominantly caused by males. Nationally, men perpetrate 92 % of physical assaults against women. Internalizing this fact, Men As Peacemakers engages men in their opportunity, responsibility, and unique potential to prevent violence.  Our education, awareness raising, and training strategies unveil the reality that sexism, violence, and male dominance is embedded in mainstream culture. We are committed to building a new normal in our communities, one where everyday sexism becomes abnormal, leadership is truly diverse, and all people can achieve their full potential.  We envision a community, free from violence against women and children, where everyone, especially men, take responsibility for preventing violence as well as restoring the community after harm.  

We aspire to create communities free from violence in which all people -- regardless of age, race, gender or sexual preference feel safe, equal, and respected.  

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Duluth, Minnesota 55802

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